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First Annual TPO Meeting


What To Expect

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An introduction to the TPO and why we are working to create a state perfusion organization.  Come to discuss perfusion techniques and help promote the growth of our profession.  


Normothermic Regional Perfusion 


Normothermic Regional Perfusion is being performed to facilitate organ preservation and reanimation after circulatory death. What opportunities are available for Texas perfusionists? 


Pediatrics and Adult Congenital

As the congenital population continues to survive into adulthood, adult congenital procedures will become more common.  How are pediatric perfusionists approaching these challenges? 

Image by Pete Alexopoulos

Texas Licensure

Licensed Perfusionist (LP) is something that all Texas perfusionists must have.  What does this license do for you?  


ECMO & Transport

Ecmo Transports have perfusionists boarding helicopters, airplanes, and ambulances. Learn how the process is performed across the state. 


Myocardial Protection

Cardioplegia strategies have evolved across Texas. What is everyone doing? How can we keep up with best practices? 

Illustrated Medical Heart

Anatomy and Physiology lab

This interactive cadaver experience helps to depict cannulation strategies and novel techniques.  


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